Laesoe Saltworks

Welcome at Laesoe Salt - a small Danish company founded on the salty groundwater on Roennerne south of Laesoe.

We make our salt in open iron pans, tell our visitors about the process in a historical perspective, sell the salt in our Salt Shop and from our webshop and enjoy the fact that we are allowed to work at one of the most beautiful spots in Denmark.

Laesoe Salt in short

Laesoe Salt was established in 1991 as a historical workshop for unemployed young people form the Laesoe Production School.
The origin was a series of archeological excavations on Laesoe where the remains of some Middle Age saltworks were found.
By 2004 the Saltworks of Laesoe hit break even economically and was able to offer steady jobs thus rendering the purpose of the Production School.

Since 2005 Laesoe Salt has been a limited company owned by the Laesoe Foundation. The stocks are none negotiable and the Foundation was established as a commercial foundation with the purpose of managing Laesoe Salt Ltd and Laesoe Spas. The ever present mayor of Laesoe is chairman of the Laesoe Foundation.

Salt as a brand

Laesoe Salt is highly valued and prescious partly because it is handmade by means of ancient techniques, partly because the small amount of produced salt is very attractive. Laesoe Salt holds a porous and easily soluble structure, a gentle taste of sea minerals and a natural amount of potassium iodide. The content is 95 percent sodium and 5 percent of different minerals, iodine and trace elements.

Laesoe Salt has become a well known brand even outside Laesoe. In Denmark as well as in Scandinavia Laesoe Salt is highly reputed for its taste, its structure and not least for the exciting story about the origin of the Laesoe Saltworks.

Most recently Laesoe Salt is on its way around the world as a part of the Nordic Cuisine that is triumphing globally - at present Laesoe Salt is in Japan as part of a campaign for the Nordic commodities.