A day at the Salt

Friday morning at the Salt

Come friday morning Steffen, Jesper and Erling turn up at the Salt all ready for work at 7 am. Actually they turn up earlier because who wouldn't wan't a cup of coffee for starters..? Every friday the water needs to be changed in all pans so Erling prepares the tractor while Steffen and Jesper scrabes the salt from the pans shovelling it into the baskets. Afterwards the 'old' water also known as the brine is sucked from the pans by the tank truck and the tractor. Only minutes later the pans are empty and fresh salt water can be added.

The brine is poured into a tub, a barrel and some heering barrels for people to come and get for free if you may need it for relieving psoriasis og dermatitis - only remember to bring bottles or cans.

Then a thick layer of limestone has to be removed from the pans. Hard work but it has to be done. Part of the process, though, so every week limestone is knocked from the pans, scraped together and then removed. Finally fresh water can be poured into the pans and a thorough fire lit under them.

By hand...

At eight o'clokc our 'bag ladies' turn up in the packaging area. Time for a thorough clean and the filling of the shelves in the shop. After a cup of coffee Erling heads for the attick scraping up all of the dry salt that goes into the bag room and is poured into the salt bags. When this is done the salt from yesterday's pan harvesting goes into the attick and is spread put to dry.

At ten o'clock the shop opens and visitors gather to watch the salt making process. Everyone is in position. Shop staff is ready, the bag people are ready, the salt makers and the stokers are in position by the pans and the story teller has the words on the tip of his tongue to share the story with the visitors... In short everyone is ready and eager to give our guests an experience to last till next year or till when we meet again...