The future of Laesoe Salt

The future looks bright for Laesoe Salt. The company is well consolidated. With the salt itself and the story behind we have two good and attractive products, and furthermore we have a staff of dedicated and loyal employees that performs well in a not quite ordinarily workplace with the most beautiful horizon in the backyard.

The visions

By 2013 Laesoe Salt was separated financially from Laesoe Spas. In close coorperation with the board we now have made a strategy aiming at a yearly growth of about 10 percent.
Laesoe Salt is a solid and self-financing company founded on the unique history of the salt at Laesoe - the white gold of Scandinavia and the soul of the Laesoe people...
Part of our strategy is also that Laesoe Salt makes a solid contribution to the general marketing of Laesoe from the point of view that visitors will benefit the entire community.

Salt screens

New at Laesoe Salt is the possibility to watch small movies from the salt production on our two 40" TV screens. 
One of the screens is placed in the old Seething Cabin showing additional recordings from the production processes and especially the ones not visible to the public today. Between our regular lectures the recordings will run non stop with a 3 minutes interval.
The other screen can be seen from outside the Nature Cabin. 
Furthermore we have a screen with two cameras mounted in the merged seething cabin. The cameras will record how the salt crystalizes on the surface of the iron pans.