Firewood for the saltworks...

Salt making on Laesoe was in the middle ages actually stopped by a huge consumption of firewood practically clearing the island of forrest. Not until 1900 reforrestation took place again. 

Nowadays Laesoe houses large forrests where enourmous amounts of firewood and wooden chips can be harvested. At present we only harvest from the growth accumulating to a mere 25000 cubic meters of wood. Laesoe Saltworks uses between 1000 - 1500 cubic meters of firewood every year.

Firewood from Laesoe

Laesoe Salt buys its firewood locally. When driving on the main road between Vesteroe and Byrum you'll se large firewood piles just outside Byrum. The piles are drying for about a year and a half before it is delivered at the saltworks with 4 - 5 loads at a time.
Most of the firewood is pine, all cut on Laeosoe and most of it in Laesoe Plantation owned by the State.
Laesoe Salt also buys some 1000 cubic meters of wooden chips every year with a weekly delivery. The saltworks have two chip burners delivering heat and hot water for our 500 sq meters of buildings, shops, offices and production rooms. 
For the last 2 years we also have had 2 so-called mother pans connected to the chip burners. The salt ground water from the wells is pre-heated and upgraded from day to day until its is lead to the pans where the salt finaly crystalizes and is harvested.

The round firewood piles

At Laesoe Saltworks you may notice som round firewood piles. They help keep the firewood dry and can be made by anyone. 
You start off by drawing a circle on the ground. Make sure that the diameter does not exceed 3,5 meter. Then you pile up two walls supporting each other. The hole in the middle is filled with loose firewood. When you judge the height to be suitable - typically at eye level - you make a top in the middle and finishes off with a roof of firewood pieces with the bark turning up - creating a cone-shaped roof that will allow the rain to run off, keeping the wood dry.
Round firewood piles like the ones we have today contain from 15 to 25 cubic meters of firewood and can be made by a couple in a day or so.