Laesoe Saltworks - tourist attraction and workplace

A global industry 800 years ago and resurfaced in 1991 to the joy of both employees, the people of Laesoe and last but not least the around 65.000 guests paying Laesoe Salt a visit every year.

The white gold of Laesoe creates good jobs

In the Middle Ages Laesoe Salt undoubtedly was the most important workplace of the island. Nowadays more companies candidate to the title but nevertheless Laesoe Salt on a yearly basis creates 10 all year positions and 6 - 7 summer positions. Salt is made all year round and during the summer period the Saltworks are crowded with visitors eager to experience the salt making, listening to the story behind and in general enjoying the athmosphere in the beautiful surroundings.

Laesoe Salt is the salt as well as the history

A large part of Laesoe Salt's succes lies in the very popular stories about the salt making on Laesoe. Every hour in the high season one of our experienced story tellers will bring the exciting story behind Laesoe Salt and demonstrate in words and action how the salt seething is done. All is seasoned with small anecdotes and tall tales - with a small amount of Salt or Laesoe included.