Laesoe Salt in profile and with perspective

Laesoe Salt Ltd is a small sound company making af small profit every year. The annual turnover lies between DKK 7 - 9 mill and the small profit is reinvested or used for the common marketing of Laesoe.
And yes, we are aware of the fact that wages are one of the major costs but as it is the company's main purpose to generate full year jobs, we live by a well defined strategy of keeping the machinery solutions at a minimum.

Salt on sale, funny stories and a smoky blast from the past

Laesoe Salt occupies 10 full year employees and during the summer season another 9 or 10 extra for a couple of months. A good solution for a small island that faces a future of depending on tourism and full year jobs are always better than seasonal jobs.

We buy our wood locally and the thousands of salt bags are all sewn and printed on Laesoe creating derived jobs for more hands. We use in the area of 1000 - 1500 cubicmeters of wood and more than 200.000 bags are sewn for the salt every year.

Craftmanship by hand all year round on the edge of the salt marsh Roennerne

On the southern coast line of Roennerne we find the best of the super saline ground water that was and is the basic condition for the making of salt by seething - the heating of the water. In the old days word was that a freshly laid egg should be able to surface in the brine. We still stick to that meaning that the salinity of the water should hold 12 percent or more.

3 wells on the eastern end of Hornfiskroen still supply the saltworks today. 15.000 liters of saline ground water is picked up 2 - 3 times a week by tractor and a tank truck. The salinity lies between 8 - 12 percent and we prefer it as high as possible.