Shipping abroad:

By delivery outside Denmark the delivery costs will be surcharged with the supplementary costs from PostDanmark. So when you order Laesoe Salt for shipping outside Denmark, you'll need to find the weight of your purchase and put the relevant supplementary cost in the basket.

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Salt in more than one way...

Laesoe Sea Salt

The original Laesoe Sea Salt, carefully handmade with a historic touch by boiling and seething the saline ground water at Denmark's most beautiful workplace.

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Aromatic salt - special offer

Delicious Laesoe aromatic salt made from the original Laesoe Sea Salt and added different herbs to enhance the flavors of your food - comes in several varieties.

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Smoked salt

Delicious smoked salt, made by Laesoe Sea Salt. Smoked with beech and heather.

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Bath salt for foot baths

Lovely Laesoe bath salt with brine - adds important minerals to the skin.

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Salt brine

The remains from manufacturing Laesoe Sea Salt has proven efficient on several skin conditions - especially psoriasis.

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Salt cellars

Unique ceramic salt cellars made in close cooperation with American ceramist Gregory Miller. The glazing has been added Laesoe Salt.

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Lovely Danish Sweets with a hint of licorice and Læsø Sea Salt. Hand made from a small Danish Toffee factory in Jutland.

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